Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer

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manual vegetable and fruit juicer

Vegetables and fruit juices are great for reducing weight and getting rid of unhealthy eating habits. Starting your day by drinking fresh fruit juice is very beneficial for health.

Everyone loves to drink fresh fruit juice but does not like to make it, the reason behind it, many people don’t have a juicer, and they use a regular mixer grinder for making juice, and making juice in a regular mixer grinder is not a good practice.

Many people do not buy electric juicer because the cost of that product high and people feel that investing money in the high-cost electric juicer, is not worthy.

After understanding consumer needs and problems, many companies and brands started making Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer, within a minimum budget, Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer are a very handy, portable, and inexpensive product, You will definitely love to invest in such type of cheap products for your better health.

But currently, in the market, there are many brands and companies that are selling manual fruit juicer machines, choosing the best and original manual juicer machine among them is a difficult task, so below you will get a list of the Top 5 Best Manual Vegetables and Fruit Juicer machine, with the help of this, you can easily buy the best fruit and vegetable juicer.

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Top 5 Best Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer In India 2021

Video Guide For, Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer

Top 5 Best Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer In India 2021

Key Feature

  • The product is made with high-quality abs plastic which is unbreakable.
  • No power supply is required to run the product.
  • You can easily assemble and disassemble parts of this juicer.
  • Portable product, you can carry it while going out for a picnic.
  • The product color is blue and white.
  • Product dimensions is 16 x 16 x 30 cm.

Key Feature

  • This juicer design and looks different from all the mentioned manual juicer.
  • Very compact look.
  • Comes with an advanced vacuum lock system.
  • Portable and lightweight products so you can easily carry it for outings and picnics.
  • Easy to store and clean.
  • Product dimensions – 24 x 15 x 14 Centimeters.
  • Products weight – 1115 Grams.

Key Feature

  • This juicer machine is made with a polycarbonate shock-resistant ABS body.
  • The only juicer which comes with an extractor waste collector bowl.
  • The multipurpose juicer you can extract vegetables and fruit juice in it.
  • Portable machine easy to carry and clean.
  • Product weight is near 1kg

Key Feature

  • This manual juicer machine available in many different colors.
  • Available color dark pink, white, and green.
  • All parts can be easily disassembled for easy manual wash.
  • Strong metal handle.
  • Strong vacuum system.
  • Product dimensions is 32.3 x 16.8 x 15.7 cm
  • Product weight is near 1kg.

Key Feature

  • Available in many colors like red, orange, white, blue, green.
  • The product is made with high-quality ABS plastic.
  • You can use this juicer for extracting juice pineapple, orange, sweet lime, apple, watermelon, grape juice, and all kinds of pulpy fruits.
  • Made in India product.
  • Strong vacuum locking system like all the above juicer machine.
  • Product dimensions is 15 x 15 x 30 cm
  • Product weight is near 990 Grams.

Buying Guide For Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer

Buying a juicer online is a hard task, and helping you out we have sorted some important points which you will need to take into consideration while buying the Best Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer Online

Easy to use

The main function of any juicer machine is to extract juices from vegetables and fruits, always buy a juicer that is easy to use, many Chinese products have unnecessary frills, so always buy a juicer machine that you can operate easily and which fits in your kitchen.

Easy to clean

Cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of the fruit juicer is a very important thing, cleaning such type of product after every use is a good practice, so always buy a juicer which is easy to clean and use, and all the above mentioned manual vegetable and fruit juicer machine is portable and you can easily separate all the part of the machine for the cleaning purpose.

Review and Rating

Buying products online is an easy task compared to buying products on the local market and shops, but the main drawback of online shopping is we cant manually touch the products, and judging the quality of any product just seeing it, is an impossible thing, so reading the customer review, and checking the star rating clear the doubts about that product, therefore always buy products which have more than 4-star rating out of 5 and positive review.


There are tons of similar manual vegetable and fruit juicer available online, many Chinese companies copy the idea from a popular brand and make similar products with low quality and tries to selles them at a cheap price, so always check the brand while buying manual juicer online, all the above mentioned manual vegetable and fruit juicer are from a trusted brand so you don’t have to worry about the quality of that product.

Product Warranty

The trusted brands always give you some period as a warranty period, buying the manual vegetable and fruit juicer who has a good amount of warranty period is good practice, so always consider the product warranty period while buying anything online.

How To Use Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer

It’s very easy to use and operate a manual fruits and vegetable juicer, follow my below steps if you still have any problem while using this manual juicer machine.

  • Before using any machine and juicer we have to clean them, after cleaning assembled every part of the manual juicer carefully then we can start extracting juice from vegetables and fruits.
  • Before starting the juice extraction process, wash the fruits and vegetables. after that, if you want the juice of the vegetables, then cut the vegetables into three to four parts with a knife, and if you are going to extract the juice of fruits, then peel the fruits and cut them into some parts.
  • Now place your manual juicer machine on a flat surface, and on its vacuum locking system, by rotating its locking switch, now your juicer is ready to extracting juice from vegetables and fruits.
  • Put the fruits in the juicer machine and start to rotate its steel handle, while doing that keep pressing fruits with a pressure handle.
  • Some manual juicer comes with extractor container, but if your juicer doesn’t have an extractor container then keep some plate or bowl below the extractor part from where our waste material comes out.
  • That’s it, fresh and healthy juice comes out within a minute.
  • If you still don’t understand how to use this machine watch our video guide.

How To Clean Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer

Cleaning is an important part and you can’t skip it, follow the below guidelines while cleaning the manual vegetable and fruit juicer.

  • Always clean the juicer machine before and after use.
  • This juicer machine is made with high-quality plastic material, so you can clean it with lukewarm water or soapy water.
  • Before cleaning the juicer machine, separate each part of it first, and then clean it.
  • This type of manual juicer consists a part of a steel cutter that looks like a round mesh, always clean it with running water, and make sure that all the waste material is removed from it.
  • Cleaning of manual vegetable and fruit juicer is a very easy task because this machine is a very handy, portable lightweight, and you can easily separate each and every part of it for cleaning.

Who Should Buy Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer

  • Every person who wants a healthy life can buy this juicer.
  • Nowadays everyone has a busy life and it is not possible for everyone to eat the fruit at every meal, but we can drink juice because it does not take much time, so everyone who has a busy life and a tight schedule should buy this juicer machine.
  • The person who stays away from their family should buy this manual vegetable and fruit juicer, because eating outside or buying packed juice is not a good choice, so if they have a juicer they can drink a fresh juice at any time.
  • People who always make or drink the vegetable decoction, they must have this type of manual juicer machine, it will definitely help in their work.

Features of Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer

This juicer machine has very features and advantages below you will see some important features of the manual juicer machine.

Vacuum Locking System

The vacuum locking system is one of the great features of this manual juicer machine, it is a very smart and new technology, once you switch on the vacuum lock button, your machine sticks to that surface, and then it will not move from its place until you close the switch, this feature is very important and useful because it sticks the machine in one place while making the juice.

No Electricity Required

This machine can run without electricity, battery power, and DC power supply, it is a manual vegetable and fruit juicer machine and you will get really thin and pure juice with it.

Low Price

The price of the Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer is between the 300- 500 INR, and this price range compare to the electric juicer is very cheap there for a low price is one of the important features of the Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juice machine.

Multipurpose Use

You can use this manual juicer machine to make vegetable juices, vegetable decorations, fruit juices, so this machine is not only for making fruit juices, but you can also do many things with this machine, you just have to think a little creative.

Compact Design and Portable

This manual vegetable and fruit juicer is a very lightweight and portable machine with a compact design, easy to store, pack & carry for outings and picnics, and therefor compact design is one of the important function of a manual vegetable and fruit juicer

Pros and Cons of Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer



Frequently asked questions regarding Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer

1. Can we extract vegetable juice in Manual Vegetable and Fruit Juicer?
Answer – Yes, you can extract many vegetable juices in this juicer machine, such as the juice of spinach leaves, bitter gourd juice, and many more.

2. Can we make juice from banana and apple?
Answer – yes, you can make juice of apple and banana, but this manual juicer specially made for juicy food like orange, watermelon, and grape.

3. which is the best manual vegetable and fruit Juicer? 
Answer – There are many manual juicers available online, but Ganesh manual juicer is the best manual juicer in India.

4. Can we make pomegranate juice in it?
Answer – Yes, you can make any juicy fruits juice in it, but to make pomegranate juice, you must first peel the pomegranate, after that, you can extract pomegranate juice.

Final Word

Juicer is a very essential product, everyone should invest in such products, fruit juice is important to increase our immunity.

Drinking packed fruit juice is not a good option, as packed juice contains many preservative chemicals and sugar, and during this COVID 19 pandemic, we can’t go out to the local stall and have fresh fruit juice.

and local juice stall does not maintain good hygiene and cleaning, and sometimes they don’t use fresh fruits, there for homemade juice is always healthy.

Buying a branded electric juicer machine is not a good synonym for everyone, so this manual vegetable and juicer machine is the right product for everyone, and anyone can buy it because the price of that product is very cheap, and such type of portable juicer machine you can take it anywhere.

All the above mentioned Top 5 Best Manual vegetable and fruit Juicer machine is made by Indian companies and the quality of products also best, we did lots of research and then sorted this top 5 brands manual juicer machine, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product if you still have any confusion about this manual juicer machine then feel free to ask.

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Thank You.

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