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kharadi is one of the important parts of Pune city, Kharadi is a suburb located on the banks of the Mula-Mutha river on the east of Pune, India. Kharadi is known for its various IT parks and business parks. On this website, we provide all the details about the place kharadi.

we created this website just for helping people who live in kharadi and nearby areas, schools in kharadi, hospitals in kharadi, companies in kharadi this type of information we share through our website.

The website has been created in the year 2018 and 30-50k people use our website monthly for information purposes, In the initial days, we helped lots of new business of kharadi to grow free of cost, what we do we list their business on our and help them to grow their business online, but currently, the business listing service is not free as we also require funds to manage the website.

Priya Kadam is the owner of the website, a blogger and web developer by profession and she has been living in Kharadi for 5 years, so she knows many things about Kharadi.

[email protected] contact us on this email id if you want any help and details thank you.

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