Best Office Chair In India

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We can’t imagine an office without an office chair, every office needs a chair for their clients, customers, and employees. The best office chair not only gives comfort and relief but also improve the look of the office. 

An office with a regular household chair looks weird, so every office must have an office chair in the office. People who work in the office have to sit on a chair for a long period of time, and due to wrong sitting arrangements, many people face back pain, headaches, and many other health problems.

To avoid this type of health problem, investing in the best office chair is a valuable and important thing. The best chair gives you features like a backrest, armrest, neck rest, and many more.

During this pandemic, many people work from home, so people like them must have an office chair in their home because household chairs not give that much comfort and facility which an office chair can give.

There are many different types of office chairs available online for buying and selecting the best office chair among them is a hard task, so we have done a lot of research on the internet and find some of the top 5 best office chairs for our reader, you will get more details about this chair below.

List of  Top 5 Best Office Chair In India 2020

Top 1 Best Office Chair In India 2020

1. Wipro Furniture Adapt High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

Key Feature

  • High resilience PU foam seat.
  • The automatic weight sensing mechanism.
  • Adjustable Headrest, Seat Height, and Armrest & Cushion Lumbar Support.
  • Ergonomic backrest.
  • Two-position locking for maximum comfort.

Product Description

Perfect office chair by the Wipro brand, this office chair has all the essential and important features which necessary in every office chair. This office chair is available in four colours which are black, cinnamon brown, cool blue, olive green, and rich red.

The chair is available in two different sizes, one is medium back, and the other is high back. The high back size chair comes with an adjustable headrest and the price of this variant is also more compare to medium back size chair, the only difference in both chairs are, price and headrest, rest of the features are same in both the chair.

The best feature of this office chair is its automatic weight sensing mechanism, this feature ensures that the body perfectly gets balanced and supported. There are many more features in this office chair like adjustable headrest, adjustable handrest, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable height.

The chair has a two-position locking system that gives the best support to your spine and back. Clean and neat design help this chair to stand out differently in a crowd.

The primary material of this chair is fabric, the base and castor material is made with nylon. The chair has a breathable mesh on the backside.

We can adjust the seat height from 17 inches to 22 inches. The seating surface of this chair is near 20 inches, and the width of the chair is 19 inches. The chair can swivel 360 degrees very smoothly

Chair Specification

  • Assembly Type – Require Assembly
  • Color – Black, Cinnamon Brown, Cool Blue, Olive Green, and Rich red.
  • Product Dimension – 66 x 66 x 122 cm
  • Product Weight – 18 Kilograms

Things we like about the product

  • Ergonomic backrest.
  • One year warranty on manufacturing defects.
  • Clean and attractive design.
  • Adjustable Backrest, Headrest.
  • Breathable mesh at back.

Things we don’t like about the product

  • Slightly expensive compared to others.
  • Can’t tilt fully like a gaming chair.

Who needs an office chair?

Do we really need an office chair? this question comes to mind when we are thinking of buying an office chair. The answer to this question is very simple and short, Anyone who has to sit on a chair for more than 4 hours a day needs an office chair.

Along with the office many more people need an office chair, Below is the list of those people who definitely need an office chair.

1. People who work from home

In this covid 19 pandemic, many people started working from their home but the biggest problem many people faces while working on a home is sitting arrangement. sitting on a household chair, sofa, bed, for work purpose, is not that much comfortable compared to an office chair, there are many features in an office chair which makes it more comfortable.

Backrest, lubber supports, neck rest all these features are missing in a household chair, and using a chair that doesn’t have all that feature makes you feel stress, and you will face problems like back pain, and many more. So people who work from home must have an office chair in their home.

2. Shopkeeper

People who are running any kind of shops and outlets, they have to sit on a chair for more than 4-8 hours a day all such people need a good office chair and some people face lifelong back pain, spine problem just because of sitting on the bad sitting arrangement for many years.

3. Restaurants owner and manager

As per research, many restaurants have good seating arrangements for their customer but the manager and owner of restaurants sit on a regular household chair for a long time, so keeping their health and back and spine healthy they definitely need a good sitting arrangement that office chair can give them.

4. Along with all those above-mentioned people, there are many people and occupations where office chairs can be used.

  • A doctor can use an office chair for himself in their clinic.
  • Advocates and chartered accountants also can use office chairs just like doctors.
  • Blogger, YouTuber, Content writer, Video Editor, and many people like them who spend many hours in a day on chair definitely need the best office chair.
  • Students who use computers for learning and study can use an office chair as a computer chair which will definitely give them great comfort.

How to choose the best office chair in India – Buying Guide

People get very confused while buying an office chair because they think that all the office chairs are the same, its happened because of lack of knowledge about office chairs, so follow our office chair buying guide to understand all the features of an office chair and then you will have a clear idea of which chair is right for you.

Built Quality

When choosing a chair, it is very important to check its built-in quality. Always choose a chair that is of good quality. To check the quality, make sure that the base of the chair has made with metal or strong plastic, check its features, and the fabric used, and it’s quality. After checking all the quality measure you will understand the quality of every chair and after that its get easy for you to select the best office chair.


The armrest is one of the important features of office chair, there are some types of armrest comes in office chair some are adjustable and some are nonadjustable, always choose an office chair which has an adjustable armrest.

The armrest in the office chair helps in reducing tension in the shoulder and neck, if the armrest is too high then you will feel uncomfortable while working, and it takes a toll on shoulder muscle, and if the armrest is too low then it will cause you to slouch. so always choose an office chair that has an up-down and right-left adjustable armrest.

Some people are fine with a regular non-adjustable armrest chair so if they feel comfortable with this type of armrest feature then they can go with it, But my suggestion is always choose an office chair that has an adjustable armrest feature.

Adjustable Height

The height of the chair is always an important element that everyone should keep in mind when purchasing an office chair. Adjustable height helps to keeps you comfortable while working for long hours.

If the chair height is too high then your feet stay in the air and if you work longer on the chair then you will feel less blood circulation to your feet and many similar problems can occur. If the height of the chair is too low then your knees position will be higher than the hips and it creates stress in your lower back.

So always choose an office chair that has an adjustable height feature, because anyone can adjust the height of the chair according to their needs while sitting on it, everyone has a different body shape and height so if your chair has this feature then anyone can use it.

Tilt Control

Look at the tilt feature is an important point while buying an office chair. The tilt feature gives you more comfort while working longer. After working for long periods on the chair usually, we take a small break from work, at that time if your chair has a tilt feature then you can easily lean your body on the chair at the backside using the tilt feature, it gives you great comfort.

A slightly reclined posture also reduce the tension from the spine, so always buy an office chair that has a little bit tilt functionality, usually many chairs have a 100 to 120-degree tilt functionality but some chair has a tilt to the 180 degrees, so buy chair according to your need.

100 to 120-degree tilt functionality is enough for many people so always choose a chair that has a tilt functionality.

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