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Best vegetable chopper in India 2020

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String Manual Vegetable chopper is a very easy product to use but if you still facing problems using it then follow the below guidelines, I am currently using pigeon brand String Vegetable Chopper so I consider the same product to describe.

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Guidelines To Use String Vegetable Chopper Properly

  1. Open the lid of the vegetable chopper, place the blade into the container in its correct position.
  2. Put vegetables in the container, close the lid, and then pull the string of the vegetable chopper.
  3. Always hold the container with one hand and use the other hand to pull the string.
  4. And let the string to return to its default state.
  5. If you want finely chopped vegetables, then more often you need to pull the string.
  6. If you cutting onion or tomato in String Vegetable Chopper don’t put the whole onion and tomato in it directly, cut onion and tomato in a minimum of 4 pics, then put that onion and tomato in String¬†Vegetable chopper, for cutting.
  7. If your String is stuck then don’t pull it hard, leave the String and shake the whole Vegetable Chopper machine slowly up and down and left and right, because sometimes vegetables get stuck into the blades and the and the main reason behind it is you are using too much vegetable at once.
  8. So don’t fill full String Vegetable Chopper with vegetables, leave some space in String Chopper for its motion and movement for quick and better results.
  9. Always clean String Vegetable chopper after use with some lukewarm water and soap.
  10. Do not close the lid immediately after cleaning it, keep it open for some time once it gets dry then you can close the lid.
  11. If you close its lid immediately after use, then the next day when you open it again for use, then there is a bad smell coming from it.
  12. Use a cloth to dry the blade after cleaning because if you leave the blade wet then its sharpness goes away quickly.
  13. Take care of your hand while cleaning because its blade is very sharp.
  14. Pull the String Vegetable chopper string in the correct way if you don’t use the correct method then maybe your chopper string may break, check out the below image for a better understanding.

The Correct Way To Pull The String

How to chop tomatoes, onions, and coriander in a vegetable chopper

How To Chop Tomatoes In Vegetable Chopper

Cutting tomatoes is a difficult task if you do it with a knife, but the Mini Vegetable Chopper Machine is a great machine that makes it very easy to cut tomatoes, take the tomatoes and clean it with water then cut it into 4- 6 pieces, then put that cut tomatoes in a vegetable chopper machine close the lid, and start to pull the string slowly until you get your desire size, then remove the tomatoes from the container.

  • If tomatoes are big in size then cut it into 6-8 pieces.
  • Don’t forget to cut the stem end of the tomatoes before putting them in the container.
  • Do not pull the vegetable chopper strings too often, all the tomato juice may come out.

How To Chop Onions In Vegetable Chopper

Peel the onion cut it into 8 pieces and put that onion in the vegetable chopper machine close the lid and start to pulling string after doing it for 4-5 times stop and check the onion size if you don’t get your desire size then again pull the string for 4-5 time once you get your ideal size onion then remove the onion from it.

  • You can cut 3-4 onions at a time in a mini vegetable chopper small size machine.
  • Don’t put a whole onion in a mini vegetable chopper machine for cutting.

How To Chop Coriander In Vegetable Chopper

Coriander cutting is a tricky thing, you can’t put the coriander direct in the container, because its get stuck there, follow the below steps for cutting coriander in a vegetable chopper.

  • Cut all the roots of coriander.
  • Clean coriander with water, and keep it to dry.
  • It’s bad practice if you try to cut wet coriander.
  • Cut dry coriander bundle with a knife into 5-6 pieces.
  • Then put that dry coriander and container and pull the string to chop it.

All the above practice you can apply to cut many vegetables and fruits like cucumber, carrot, potato, chili, peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, apple, banana, mango, and many more.


Mini manual vegetable chopper is one of the best products for vegetable cutting, It gives your best result once you learn how to use it properly, I hope our guidelines will help you to learn this mini machine functionality and you can able to use it with ease. If you follow all the above-mentioned guidelines then your vegetable cutting machine will last for 6-8 months. If you still have any query then feel free to ask in the below comment box I will definitely try my best to solve it thank you.

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